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We understand that some firms have experienced MLM managers who are knowledgeable about certain areas of running and expanding an MLM business.  However, the day-to-day rigors of their jobs often leave them little time to keep up with research and timely information they need to really help them meet their goals and objectives in moving the business forward.

INLC's MLM consulting services can help fill that void.

We also know that often MLM start-up companies are venturing into the unknown. Owners and managers are excited about the prospects for building an enduring MLM business, but the complexities and unique demands of such a business are foreign to them. 

Here's Our Word of Caution to MLM Start-up Companies

We know that regardless of how successful you may have been in other more traditional business ventures, an MLM business is fraught with unique challenges.  These unique challenges impact every major area of your endeavor.
INLC will help you to overcome those challenges, preventing you from making costly mistakes.

Debbi Ballard's dedication to the development of innovative MLM strategies and tactics that fall within legal parameters make us the MLM consulting firm you can trust.  

Call 480-839-4244 (Arizona) regarding the following:

1) Monthly consulting retainer services

1-2 days per month minimum for a period of 6-12 months

2) One-Day Consultations

Start-ups:  Is This What You Really Want to Do?

A Straightforward Consultation on the Demands of an MLM Company Start-up 

We are dedicated to your success and feel that there are too many entrepreneurs being misled into thinking that MLM is an easy business to start.  Nothing is further from the truth.

Today's competitive environment, enhanced from the proliferation of other online home-based business opportunities, make for even more demands on knowing how to compete in this arena. 

We will give you our honest opinion as to if utilizing an MLM compensation plan could be viable for your product or service offering.   We will never try to entice you into starting an MLM company just to put monies in our pockets.  We have no interest in doing so since we want MLM companies to succeed.  Too many independent networkers are hurt when an MLM company fails. 

But if you have the ingredients that would make for an outstanding MLM company, then INLC is there to teach you how you can take the lead in attracting and retaining customers and independent networkers.

Troubleshooting Available for Established Firms

Debbi A. Ballard has been involved in helping companies also as an expert witness and in giving expert MLM consulting on sales and marketing matters relating to legal issues.  She never gives legal advice but rather works with management and their MLM attorneys when the going gets rough.  Her insight is invaluable regarding these matters.

In addition, if you firm is losing networkers and customers to the competition, find out how we can help you.

For those who find themselves in these situations, a one-day consultation might just be what you need to help you resolve your critical issues.

3)  One-Hour Phone Consultations

Normally, these are not available.  However, you can contact us, let us know where you need help, and if we are able to schedule you in, we'll provide you with a one-hour phone consultation.


MLM Start-up Package Available

Business Plans

Marketing Plans

MLM Compensation Plans

MLM Affiliate Marketing Convergence

Policies and Procedures

Rep Manual

Rep Support Forms and Tools

Complete Rep Kits Developed

Email Marketing Campaigns

Internet Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

The INLC consultant works with management to coordinate the start-up with an emphasis on "integrated solutions for growth."(tm)

The MLM compensation plan, the networker manual, training modules, etc., are all developed within the context of the entire program with legal, administrative and financial issues taken into account to make for a cohesive, functional program.  
When this integration is lacking, the probability for success is dismal. 

It was Debbi A. Ballard who spearheaded the coordination and integration of the MLM attorneys, IT firms and MLM consultants decades ago to serve companies better.   This continues today with INLC.

PLEASE NOTE: INLC does not work with all prospective clients who contact the firm.  Clients and projects are chosen carefully according to the time we have available and the nature of our client's project.  Integrity is our foremost consideration in everything we do and we never take on projects/consulting whereby we simply do not have the time to provide exceptional work.

Spearheading the Development of MLM Best Practices

Debbi is now embarking on another industry breakthrough in having the world's first online collaboration for developing mlm best practices.  This will allow companies and networkers from all over the world to operate their businesses more efficiently enjoying greater profits and longevity. 

This can be found at


Also, get your ebook now on MLM Compensation Plans.  Having a functional mlm compensation plan is one of the most critical factors in determining your mlm success.

Contact INLC Now at

480-839-4244 (in Arizona).

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