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Why is INLC the best MLM consulting firm that can assist you in starting or expanding an MLM company? 

Why do even other MLM consultants turn to INLC for help?

MLM consultant and expert witness, Debbi A. Ballard, is the reason.

As CEO of INLC, she has been regarded as one of the foremost mlm consultants in the world for over twenty years.  A thought leader and visionary, she is considered a trusted authority in that industry.  She has provided marketing and management consulting for both start-ups and established mlm companies.

Her expertise in the area of mlm compensation plan development is particularly well known and highly regarded.  She pays close attention to the important details pertaining to sales and marketing issues along with financial, administrative, and ethical and legal considerations.

Money magazine, Fortune, the Wall Street Journal and many other publications have contacted her for input on the industry.

Honesty, innovation, attention to details and strong work ethic have been the hallmarks of the consulting she has always provided her clients.

She started the first government-industry liaison group to help protect the industry, consumers and business opportunity seekers.

She initiated research projects to track how the unique properties of mlm companies adapted to changing business environments.

This research included tracking the changes in mlm compensation plans and their functionality, the marketing strategies and tactics that worked well and the ones that failed, the legal issues that may have ensued, the administrative problems that evolved from changing support systems, etc.

All of this research saves her clients time, monies and effort.

She has always been ahead of the curve in knowing where the industry is heading and how companies can attract and retain independent networkers and customers in changing business climates.

She has had numerous articles published along with two books relating to the industry. 

Thousands around the world involved in mlm and the entire direct selling industry subscribe to her newsletter, MyNetBrief.

She has spoken at mlm industry conferences and other business related conferences.  She spoke on mlm network marketing and consumer protection issues at the National Association of Attorneys General Consumer Protection Conference.

She also spoke at the Affiiate Summit in New York.  The Affiliate Summit sponsors the largest, most respected affiliate marketing conferences in the world.  Ms. Ballard has developed innovative strategies and tactics relating to the upcoming mlm affiliate marketing convergence.  At that event, she spoke about her predictions relating to the convergence. 
She is an expert witness and also does expert consulting for firms involved in legal challenges.

She has done volunteer work for over twenty years in industry trade associations.  

INLC's mission is to assist management in the realization of its business goals and objectives through "integrated solutions for growth."

And, with Debbi A. Ballard's leadership, we do just that by

1)  Providing honest, straightforward consulting

2)  Giving you the flexibility to work within your budget

3)  Providing results driven actionable research

4)  Integrating solutions for growth

5)  Incorporating innovation that works

6)  Providing a higher level of understanding of the unique properties of an mlm business

7)  Completing all project work on time

8)  Taking no short cuts to the labor intensive work that
may be required in assisting you to produce the high quality results you desire

View our MLM Consulting and Project Work section for more information about how we can help you realize your dream of starting an mlm network marketing company.
  If you are an existing firm, we also provide consulting and project work to older, established companies.

(Please note that we do not work with all companies that contact us.  We strive to assist those that are serious about building honest, sustainable endeavors.)

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